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I’ve Been Putting This One Off For A While

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How good are you at wasting time

I’m world class at it

Doing the small tasks to fill in the time because you
can’t quite face the biggies right now

Like these emails

It used to scare me to write them

I was too worried about what people would think of me
that sometimes it actually made me anxious to send them
(there’s an unsubscribe at the bottom by the way of you
don’t want to receive em)

So I’d do ANYTHING else but write an email (like making
another coffee)

Or having a ‘quick’ one … (check on Farcebook that

^^^ What were you thinking I meant?


I now write these emails as a form of procrastinating
from something else

It’s the same as my exercise sessions

I used to fill up my schedule with stupid little tasks
then pretend I didn’t have time to workout

When now I’ll lift a few weights to avoid something
I’ve been putting off for weeks (like clearing the

^^^ Seriously… gardening is great exercise so I
should be all over it but when I have enough time I go
for a long walk instead

And the state of my garden doesn’t sit well with me
(not a euphemism by the way)

But I still do nothing (cos I just don’t particularly
like gardening)

So what is it you’re putting off right now dude?

And don’t say nothing (there’s ALWAYS something)

Let me help you out with an example

We’ll use …hmmmm… getting back in shape

^^^ Cos that’s why you’re here right

But hang on you’ve got a project that needs finishing
at work (one that’s already over ran twice and is still
taking ages)

^^^ It’ll STILL get done

Then there’s the DIY at home you’ve been putting off

(HINT: when DIY becomes better than anything else we
have a problem)

Basically … you’ll do ANYTHING else just so you don’t
have to workout

When you now that getting fitter, stronger and
healthier will give you more energy to do those other
difficult tasks you’ve been putting off

And the silly little tasks you do to procrastinate

Well… they’ll get done anyway (and are probably the
LEAST important)

This procrastination malarkey is a bugger innit

You sort of kinda know you’re doing it

You know it’s probably not for the best

Yet you do it anyway

So how do you stop?



So if you’re sort of probably, maybe gonna do the 14
day trial here at BKS

‘In a couple of months’

I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to

Cos there isn’t much space left

And only 3 spaces left on this month’s trial

So all this procrastinating could mean you miss your

Then you’ll be back to tiling the bathroom again (oh
please go no)

==> CLICK HERE and stop making excuses 😉



p.s. Forgot what I was gonna say






Peter Lant

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