“I’ve Lost Half A Stone In 2 Weeks”

^^^ That’s what Craig said to me yesterday

Over the summer holidays he had put on a bit of timber

(Didn’t we all though)

I remember putting on a stone in 2 weeks when I went to Italy a
few years back

(The food was just TOO GOOD to pass up)


Craig got back feeling a little bit … ‘flabby’

But rather than letting that be him from now on…

He took charge

Made some conscious food choices (without cutting out the stuff
he likes)

And he lost “half a stone in 2 weeks”


So what changes did he make?


He’s been eating a LOT of veggies and some meat and fish


And that’s about it…

Nothing ground breaking there…

(And he’s Scottish) 😉

^^^ make of that what you will

Now I get that YOU may not find this as easy as all that

But neither did Craig a few years ago…

He struggled with his weight

But he made a decision that he was FINALLY fed up with the
struggle and wanted to do something about it

Which is when he joined BKS

Since then he’s been able to keep his shape in check

While dealing with a whole host of past injuries dating back to
his childhood

So you could say he made the WISE CHOICE

Which is all I’m asking you to do dude

Oh Wise One

==> CLICK HERE to make the wise choice

And I’ll help you get similar results to Craig



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