I’ve Got This Rash [look away now]

What does stress look like?


I remember when my Dad was ill

I came out in a massive rash

I went to the doctor who asked about

Then just told me to use E45 cream

Turns out I was stressed about my Dad’s
terminal illness

But I was trying to put such a brave face on
it that I suppressed the feeling

Which then turned up as a rash down one side
of my body…

See you can BE stressed even if you don’t

If you shove the feeling deep down inside it
will have a way of getting out

And in my case this rash just made me feel

It was itchy

It looked awful

It made me feel down

But I’m a blurke (grrr)

So I just ignored it until I couldn’t handle
it any more…

So what about you dude?

Does work stress you out

All the hours you put in for little

Are you stressed at home cos you don’t get
any time for yourself

Too busy ferrying the kids to whichever club
they ‘need’ to go to this weekend

It’s all good that you want to be there for
your family

Support them by working stupid hours to make
all the money you can to give them the life
you never had…

But what’s that doing to YOUR health

I think about this a lot…

Cos it’s this sort of behaviour that finished
my old man off…

So I made damn sure the same thing wouldn’t
happen to me…

And I don’t want it to happen to you either

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It’s helping them find more space and time to
figure this shit out

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p.s. Tomorrow I’m gonna get a bit personal

You have been warned

So if you’re too scared…

Or just don’t wanna face up to this right now

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