It’s Too Expensive

I get that you may not want to spend a ton of money on getting
fitter, stronger and healthier

Especially when you aren’t sure this will work for you or not

And the STRONG DAD program is expensive (based on the support you
get along with a personalised program)

But it’s not for everyone

Now I could bang on about the cost of NOT getting in shape

How it’ll effect your quality of life in the future

But You’ve heard all of that

So I’m not gonna teach my granny to suck eggs

(^^^ Which is a ridiculous saying but you get what I mean)

It’s for this reason that I started the BKS Inner Circle

Which is a MUCH cheaper way of working with me and the guys here
at BKS

So what is BKSIC?

– It’s a monthly program designed to get you stronger, fitter and
healthier WITHOUT getting injured

– At the start you will get a tracking book sent to you so you
can keep ‘score’ of how you’re doing

– The workouts are super simple (but aren’t for TOTAL beginners)

– There’s a ton of mobility to help you move better reducing your
risk of injury

– You get access to my unique online nutrition system (with over
700 recipes) so you can keep track of what you’re eating EASILY
without having to count calories

– I’ll personally critique any videos you post into the private
FB group to make sure your technique is on point

So who’s it for?

It’s for YOU if you’ve been thrashing away for years striving to
lose a couple of stone but not quite being able to stick to

You’ll be required to do the sessions on your own (or with

ALL sessions can be done at home (if you don’t want to shell out
on a gym membership)

==> CLICK HERE to find out more about BKSIC



p.s. If you’re not quite ready for BKSIC yet then that’s cool…

I have a Beginners 6 Week starter program to prepare you

==> CLICK HERE to check out the Beginners Program






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