It’s This Or A Juice Diet

Here’s how much your gym costs…

£50 per month (just so you can go there)

If you want a trainer

£40 per session… some still charge per session (which is a bit
short sighted when you think about it)

Cos you don’t want sessions

You want a RESULT

Build Strength

Get Fitter

Lose Weight (I left this til last for a reason)

Cos losing weight doesn’t really solve anything (just look at the
folk on juice diets)…

^^^ They’re hardly a barrel of laughs are they

So £50 per month membership and ONE session per week

That’s £210 per month total… just to get a sweat on while
someone stands there telling you to keep going while counting to
10 (if they can)…

If you want 3 sessions then that’s gonna run to summink like £500
per month (if the nice trainer gives you a bit of a discount for
‘bulk buying’)

That’s a lot of moolah just to get someone to watch you ‘workout’

Here’s why the STRONG DAD Online Program is better…

– There’s no gym membership required (all you need to do is buy a
kettlebell… a one off payment)

– You don’t pay per session… you pay for the result you will
get at the end of 3 months (which we will discuss in your Skype
assessment at the start)

^^^ That’s guaranteed by the way… you follow the program and
don’t get the result you wanted… you get your money back IN

– You get honest to goodness coaching rather than someone
standing counting reps for you (which quite frankly my mum could

– The cheapest option is £75 per month (which is waaaay less than
you’d pay in any gym for this quality of service… and a
personalised program tailored to YOUR needs) and you can easily
pay for this by cancelling your £50 gym membership and having one
less frothy skinny latte per day

^^^ makes sense when you actually think about it right

– And as for the more ‘in-depth’ programs… The SUPER and the
ULTIMATE… well these require a lot more than just a bit of
exercise which as you already know ISN’T the ONLY answer to your

So if you’re not prepared to invest in your future health and are
happy to rely on the NHS to bail you out when the time comes (if
it’s still available that is)

Then this program isn’t for you…



p.s. If you truly do want to get stronger fitter and healthier

While putting all of the BS excuses you’ve been making all this
time behind you

If you want to use your money wisely and actually reach your

Rather than relying on just being a member of a gym and hoping
that will somehow magically make you thinner

Then this is your LAST chance to apply to be a STRONG DAD

==> It’s now or never dude





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