It’s Over Between us

Yep I fooked up…

Forgot to send an email on Sunday didn’t I…

^^^ But does that REALLY matter?…

It’s kinda sorta like when you decide to get
fitter and stronger

You set a target to hit the gym every day
before work

Get up an hour earlier (which is hard enough
as it is)

And for the first week this feels great

Until you get to the following Monday

The alarm goes off and you whack it with a

You get up an hour later feeling guilty
(after not being able to get back to sleep

Then you decide you haven’t got what it takes
to get fit…

And all because you missed ONE session…

Even though you set yourself the un-realistic
target of going to the gym infinity times
more than you were already…

Seriously dude

Going from zero to 5 days a week is hard…

^^^ And quite frankly unnecessary

Especially when what you’re doing won’t
really get you the results you want anyway…

Cos if you want to burn a ton of fat…

While getting super strong

^^^ Without burning out

Then doing high intensity training will get
you the EXACT opposite

You’ll be flopping around like a decked

Until you throw up into a bucket

You won’t build any strength

You may burn SOME fat (but not as much as you

And you’ll most certainly burn out

I know cos this is how I started

(and I HATED it)

So I changed what I was doing

And can now confirm I’m stronger at 40 than I
ever thought possible

^^^ And I mean waaaaaaaay stronger

So if you wanna lose the jublies



Then I have the exact system I used to do
just that

All you have to do is hit this link

And I’ll SHOW you how I did it

And how you can do the same

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p.s. I’ll tell you all about my weekend

It involves Brazilians, Koreans, Indians,
Chinese, Norwegians, Italians

And some other folk

Til tomorrow






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