It’s Not For Me

Bath half marathon time in 2 weeks

A few of the BKS guys are running it

Paul smashed the Bristol half in 1.57 last year

^^^ After dropping 8 stone on the BKS program

(imagine trying to run a half marathon carrying an
extra 112 pounds about your person)

We also have Marc who has made massive progress since
joining BKS last year (he completed the half a few
years back but had painful joints at the end… this
time will be different)

Then there’s Matthew who can just turn up and do it…

This shows the diversity we have here at BKS

And on the STRONG DAD Online Program (one of whom is a

We have overweight people who are sick of getting out
of breath walking up a set of stairs

There are a couple of ladies who thought they’d give us
a try… and have surprised everyone by getting way
stronger than they imagined (while their friends are
still chucking around baby weights and finding their
young kids get heavier every day)

A couple of the fellas used to have joint pain or lower
back issues (which made them avoid exercise cos it made
this worse)

^^^ Which resulted in them becoming weak and flabby

But now they’re chucking around the same bells as
everyone else with ZERO pain

Some fellas turn up and aren’t ready to even touch a
weight for a couple of weeks… until we focus on
mobility and make sure they can get in the right
positions to be able to perform exercises

^^^ Then we add some metal 🙂

Dave was one such fella… didn’t pick up a weight
during the whole 14 day trial

And last week pressed the 32kg above his head with one
arm (which is pretty damn impressive by anyone’s

^^^ He pressed the 28kg a few days before and made it
look too easy so I gave hime the 32… and he just put
it straight up…


The thing all of these folk have in common though

Is that they were here reading these emails

But instead of just being entertained by the hilarity
that enters your inbox every day (oh matron)

They stepped up

Took action

Which is all it takes dude

The next 14 day trial won’t be until next month (so if
you live in Bath keep an eye out for that)

But if for some reason you can’t make it to Bath to see

There’s the STRONG DAD online program which will get you the
same results as the afore mentioned badasses

And has a few different price levels to suit your

Check it out here and apply

Cos to be like these fellas you have to DO SOMETHING

==> STRONG DAD (choose which one suits you best)



p.s. I had an unsubscribe yesterday which I thought
was hee-larious

Tune in tomorrow

Or if you wanna go the same way

The link is down there





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