It’s No Coincidence

Now you might be in two minds as to whether you’re ready

And that’s cool

The STRONG DAD Online Program isn’t for everyone (especially
those fellas who definitely DON’T want to be stronger and are
happy to be out of shape)


If you think you’re not ready because you’re not fit enough I
have something to show you

I Get It cos I felt the same a few years back

I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was gonna be
out of shape for the rest of my life (which is pretty soul

I was READY to start something… ANYTHING… but I’d convinced
myself that nothing would work (mostly cos I thought I’d tried

And while I had tried A LOT… I had never stuck to any of it

Which is why I want to show you a video of Russ (who started with
BKS over 2 years ago)

He used to get a sore lower back when he started…

Swinging a 20kg bell was tiring and would make his back ache

So we worked on his technique and the results have been

As you’ll see

Cos in the video below he’s chucking around a 20kg bell with ZERO
pain and makes it look E A S Y (which I can assure you it
definitely isn’t)

#posterboy Russell Brookman

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Now I think you’ll agree that’s IMPRESSIVE

And you probably think you’ll never be able to do anything like


Russ couldn’t do this when he first started but that didn’t stop
him form putting his trust in the process and reaping the

He’s also joining me in October to take part in the next Tactical
Strength Challenge

Cos we all need a goal…

So if you’re itching to get started… if you FEEL ready but just
aren’t sure that you’re fit or strong enough…

Then this is proof that YOU ARE…

These are the sorts of results you can expect

Time to get started dude…

==> CLICK HERE to start your journey to strengthsville



p.s. It’s seeing videos like this that makes me proud of each
and every person I work with…

It’s no coincidence that these fellas get as strong as they







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