It’s No Coincidence

We get a lot of reactions to what we do here at BKS

I post a LOT of videos showcasing how NAILS our members are

This is more to Inspire than impress you (cos that’s exactly the
type of person we attract here)

ALL of these guys have improved their strength and fitness HUGELY
since they became members…

Like Bonny

She started with us in January (5 months ago)

She wasn’t a total newbie but she wasn’t really used to swinging
anything heavier than a 12kg bell

I could see that her technique was good… so in the first couple
of weeks I got her to try swinging with a 24kg bell…

No problem

She now regularly uses a 32kg bell…

And yesterday she did this v v v

Bonny… 100 snatches (flippy things) non-stop

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Sunday, 10 June 2018

Impressive right…

And yep I posted a video of Claire doing the same last week…

It’s no coincidence that our members progress this well (it’s all
down to the fact that they turn up)

The fellas are on the same path and it’s only a matter of time
when one of em completes 100 Snatches

(Ben’s gonna have a go on Thursday with the 24kg)

^^^ He got to 80 last week so it should be time 🙂

So what’s the difference between these folk and YOU

How come they get these results when you struggle to even show up
at the gym regularly let alone get stronger and fitter

Do yo know the answer?…

Ok then

There is ZERO difference

They all have busy lives, jobs, kids, travel with work

But they prioritise their health over all of this which is why
they MAKE BKS fit into their weekly routine (cos they know how
GREAT it makes them feel)

And I think you can see that from the video of Bonny

Now I know that you probably can’t make the time to get to see me
in person and join this amazing bunch of inspirational humans

You may not even live in or near Bath…

Which is frustrating I know… especially when you want to know
how they did it

When you WANT to get involved but think it’s impossible for you

Well the good news?….

It’s possible…

YOU can enjoy results like this too

YOU can be part of the team

It’s as simple as applying to be a STRONG DAD

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD

We’ll have a chat…

Make sure it’s definitely for you

And if it is…


Just watch the video again…

Cos this could be you



p.s. Impressive….





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