“It’s Doing My Head In”

Got some ‘feedback’ the other day…

‘It’s doing my head in’

So me trying to help you

For Free

Trying to get you off of your arse and do

For yourself

To make you more energetic




Less stressed

^^^ Which will have an effect on those around
you too…

Your relationships with family


Anyone who comes into contact with you

Just because you FEEL better than you have
ever done…

^^^ If that ‘does your head in’

Something as simple as an email trying to
help you…

Then I would say there’s something else going
on dude..

There’s more to it than a simple few words in
an email

Especially if it compels you to lash out at a
complete stranger

^^^ That would suggest there was a tweak on a
nerve somewhere

And there’s a couple of things you can do in
that situation…

You can piss and moan about me

Tell me to do-one via the unsubscribe link at
the bottom of this email

And carry on hiding from whatever it is
that’s pissing you off

Getting angry with everyone around you cos
you want to play the victim…

You want sympathy rather than help

In which case it probably is best you

– OR –

You can take control of YOUR situation

Cos you’re the only person who can

–> Which I Totally Get By The Way…

Cos it’s what I did

Which is why I know how this feels…

I know these emails piss you off sometimes

But it doesn’t stop me sending them

Cos I know they will help you

Provided you WANT to be helped

And aren’t just looking for another person to
blow smoke up your arse

(cos you’ve run out of people who’ll listen
to your bullshit)

People who won’t tell you to just get a

Which is what I’m doing right now in case you
hadn’t noticed…


p.s. I’m not sorry dude…

It has to be said sometimes…

if you can handle it cool…

You’ll get an invite tomorrow that will be
the EXACT thing you’re looking for


If not…

Then unsubscribe is down there v v





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