“It gives me a massive sense of achievement”

^^^ That’s from a message in the STRONG DAD group this week

In fact… here’s the message in the flesh (so to speak)

kettlebell bath

Yep I used this as an example to the folk on the Swing Challenge

They’d all been smashing it over the weekend

The first 3 days was a blast

But on Monday I wanted to make sure everyone stayed on board

Cos as you know only too well… Monday’s can be a DRAG…

So when I saw a message in the STRONG DAD group telling me that
today’s session was already completed by 6.30am I couldn’t help
feeling rather proud

As you can see when you read it…

There’s been a massive change in energy

And this was the morning after clearing the garden the day before
(which was a LOT of work… I saw the picture)

See we ALL get tired… it’s just a normal thing

But if you’re CONSTANTLY using tiredness as an excuse not to do
anything (or moan about it when you do)

Then something has to change otherwise it’ll only get worse

And again… as you can see from this message

There’s plenty of energy in there… you can almost feel it jump
out at you…

So how would YOU like to have this much energy EVERY DAY
(including Mondays)

How would you like to bounce out of bed and start the week (EVERY
WEEK) looking forward to what challenges it has to offer

(rather than plodding through longing for the weekend to come
around again)

It doesn’t just happen by osmosis

You actually have to DO something

Which is exactly what I show you on the STRONG DAD Online Program

It’s designed to help you get back in shape without it taking
over your life…

In fact it will GIVE you more time…

^^^ Want to find out how?

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