It Could Be YOU

You may or may not know

But I’ve been away for the last 2 weeks

Up in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Climbing up stuff and just generally enjoying the beautiful

If you have never been I can HIGHLY recommend it

Skye in particular



You may have also noticed that I was still talking to you the
whole time I was away…

^^^ The powers of tinterweb eh…

This is why BKS is so effective

Cos EVERY ONE of the BKS crew was left with ‘homework’

I made sure they all had something to do to keep them getting
stronger while I was away

(A few of them even had a mini stag do for one of the fells who’s
getting married this month)

^^^ Camaraderie right there…

As for the online guys there was ZERO interruption…

Their programs were all uploaded and ready to go for the whole

Not a beat was missed

I even managed to get a couple of guys onto the next 14 day trial
starting next Monday

There are currently 3 of the 5 spaces left up for grabs

^^^ But I am chatting to Ryutaro via email as we speak… so
there may only be TWO spaces left by this afternoon


If you want to join the 2 (or possibly 3) fellas for the 14 day

Starting on Monday

Where I will teach you a load of cool stuff to get you stronger
fitter and nailsier

There’s no obligation to join afterwards (although most fellas
are blown away by how much stronger they get in just two weeks)

I’ll also chuck in my unique Online Nutrition system (to help you
drop a few pounds if that’s what you’re after)

And as if that wasn’t enough…

If it’s not for you

–> I’ll give you a FULL refund (it’s £30 for the 2 weeks)

^^^ Which I have been told many times over is a bargain

Especially as it is ‘Risk FREE’

==> CLICK HERE to book one of the last spots



p.s. Welcome aboard

Rob Faulkner
James Trenholme

^^^ You could be joining em…




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