Is This Even A Thing?

The Health Paradox…

I made up that term but it makes perfect sense when you think
about it

If we eat well then what’s the point in doing exercise… you’re
gonna lose weight anyway so that’s cool

Or you could choose the alternative where you workout so you can
eat an unhealthy diet

^^^ This way you reward yourself for being good… by being bad

Is there a problem with this?

Well… if you want to get in shape and be fit strong and healthy
then YES … there is

Cos you’ve probably realised by now that this approach is a
Willpower Slayer

You already know how this ends… and if you don’t?

Let me tell you

It ends with you rewarding yourself even more because you can
always workout more

Although we all know which one of these wins…

Workouts require Willpower whereas rewarding yourself requires
ZERO energy (until you feel guilty about it later) which is when
you start to question if all of this exercise is worth it
considering it doesn’t seem to be working

You can reward yourself while you’re sitting at your desk at work
but getting in a workout requires time (and effort)

It’s something we ALL struggle with at some point in our lives
especially when you consider how many other demands we have on
our time

Which is why it’s better to start small…

A 10 Minute workout done EVERY day is way better than continually
putting off an hour long workout

^^^ And you certainly have time to do a 10 minute workout… if
you think you don’t then consider what it takes…

You have to get up 10 minutes earlier… It can be THAT Simple

And when you feel the benefits of this you’ll realise how easy it
is to train your Willpower

I know this sounds too easy which is why I want to help you get

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