Is it in yet?

I forgot to put this in yesterday

It was the WHOLE point of the email

But I got carried away with my Tom Jones impressions (what a

Here’s what Tom said to me over a pint after our long walk this

“I just want to be fit enough to do what I want when I want…
Without having to worry about it…”

And the fact that we’d just finished a 24 miler and both felt
pretty good kinda proves that he’s already achieved this

But does that mean it’s time to STOP…

I get asked a lot about how BKS works

“How many sessions per week”

“How much per session”

“How long do I have to join up for”


And the answer to ALL of these questions is…

It’s up to YOU

If you’re out of shape and do ZERO exercise at the moment then
it’s gonna take some time to get you to where you want to be…

Just going for a walk for 20-30 mins per day is probably all you
need right now

(although if you want to get STRONG then you’re gonna need to do
more than that)

But it’s still a good start

Tom also said to me that he’s been regularly walking with a 15kg
pack on his back

PLUS and extra 2kg of water and food

^^^ And that’s what he used to walk around with all day every day
before he lost weight on the BKSIC program

There is no time limit to this

The number of ‘sessions’ per week doesn’t really matter

It’s all about doing exercise CONSISTENTLY…


^^^ Not what a lot of fellas want to heat but it’s true

If you leave the sofa to train for a half mazza

Then go back to the butt groove you created in said sofa when
you’re done

You’re gonna go straight back to where you were

(I know cos I did this for a LONG time)


I’ve rambled

So instead of keeping you any longer…


Go For A Walk…




p.s. I’ll tell you about the thumbs thing tomorrow








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