Is It A Dirty Word


It’s what so many of us rely on for pretty much

So when you’re starting a new training program

You’re all fired up and have bags of the stuff

But you also have work to contend with

A demanding family at home

It’s ok though cos you just get up an hour earlier to
get your session in

^^^ That will last for about 5 days (AT THE MOST)

Don’t believe me?

(I think you probably already know it’s true… cos
it’s what happened last time)

This is one of the reasons why the STRONG DAD online
program is so effective

It was the Skype calls last week

Where we sit face to face (just me and thee) and talk
about what’s working

Along with any help you may need

And the thing that comes up time and time and time


Is that willpower has dwindled

REAL life has re-emerged (and fast)

Suddenly everything feels really hard (almost like
you’ve taken a step backwards)


Three days later and you’re flying again

This is what everyone on the STRONG DAD program has

And if it wasn’t for these face to face calls (along
with the support from everyone via the WhatsApp group)

I think everyone would have given up…

There’s a word for this phenomenonononon

‘ The Drift ‘

^^^ When you start something new you’re all excited and

Then when the reality of what’s actually involved hits
you … you become overwhelmed

The goal you’ve set yourself seems waaaaay off

This is when you have 2 choices

1) Listen to your thoughts of anxiety and fear

‘It’s too hard’

‘I can’t do it’

‘It’s not for me’

‘I’m fine as I am’

‘I’m not good enough’ <— Ooooof

Which is when you just give up and go back to what was
comfortable (which will soon get dreary again)


2) Focus on what needs to be done NOW

Forget about the 3 month target and just do what you
said you would do TODAY

That takes a teeny tiny amount of willpower (almost

But it has a MASSIVE impact in what happens to your

‘I did it’

‘That wasn’t so hard’

‘I can feel it working’

‘I’m glad I did it as I would have felt guilty’

^^^ Those are thoughts of success

And all it took was to just do this ONE THING today

It’s why the STRONG DAD program works

Cos it’s not just you who feels like this dude

EVERYONE does about something

I used to feel like this about exercise but now it’s
just something I do

I do get these thoughts about other stuff though (but
that’s cool… I just focus on what to do NOW)

The applications for STRONG DAD close THIS THURSDAY

So it’s time to work out what you want

Stay the same? (in which case do nothing)

Or do what needs to be done NOW

==> APPLY to be a STRONG DAD



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