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Which Superhero Do You Want To Be?

You’re nearly there my man

You’ve shown you have balls of steel to see this through otherwise you wouldn’t have reached this stage (now let’s get you the body to match)

To be honest few fellas actually get this far because they don’t have the gonads

They’ve usually gone back to the gym to blend in with the crowd remaining flabby and miserable with everyone else.


You’ve realised that this isn’t just another pay as you go bootcamp that you can find anywhere where you can do burpees for an hour and get sweaty (any fool can get you to do that)

Nope this is a premium service for fellas just like you who want to invest in serious results delivered by a professional coach who knows how to get you super strong & lean

So Welcome To Our Super Hero Training System

Feel different to mere mortals. Build strength & fitness that you only thought you’d see in the movies