Infinite Workouts In ONE Program

If you’re looking for an exercise program that will get you SUPER
STRONG while making keeping up with the kids much easier than it
is right now

Then maybe BKSIC is what you’re looking for

Here’s what’s in this month’s rather slendiferous issue

– What the fellas here at BKS used to struggle with and how I
helped em overcome (and you can too)

– Tried and tested formula to get super strong this month

– The mobility drill I’ve been inadvertently holding back
(because I forgot about it)

– The ONE move the BKS crew have been doing at home that has
increased ALL of their strength

– How using your imagination can give you ENDLESS strength
possibilities and keep you interested in getting stronger FOR

^^^ This issue is worth the money alone… You will get more
ideas from these pages than anywhere else (because it’s already
in your own head)

– Mobility WITHIN mobility (how to take your movement to the next

– How to carry weight safely so you don’t ‘put your back out’ any
time soon

– ONE way to tie your body together to give you strength in ALL
ranges of motion

– A method you can use to fit training into your busy life and
STILL get SUPER STRONG (without having to spend hours in the gym)

^^^ In fact you can do ALL of this AT HOME

– What happens when a dog interrupts you while you have two
weights above your head

– The ‘Freestyle’ workout that allows you to perfect your moves
without injury (making you EVEN STRONGER without injuring

– THREE different workouts based around the same principle so you
NEVER have to do the same session twice (unless you REALLY want

– ELEVEN different ways to use a couple of bells to increase your
strength with only 30 mins PER WEEK

TWENTY TWO different ways if you use one of the principles
employed within these pages

– The exercises you CAN’T do wrong … so however you do em
they’ll get you stronger and moving better

– An exercise that I have no name for – but will help you develop
stronger shoulders



That’s quite a bit of stuff right there in just ONE edition of

If you want to check it out there’s a couple of ways to do it

1) You can sign up and get TWO programs sent to you by Tomorrow
(and stay on board to receive subsequent programs each and every
month that will keep you getting stronger FOREVER)

2) Sign up (then cancel straight away)… This way you still get
TWO programs by Tomorrow (the first one IMMEDIATELY) that you can
use to help you get strong FOREVER

It really is that simple dude…

So what’s it to be

Option 1 ?


Option 2 ?

Either way…

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p.s. Even I’m surprised at how much is in there this month







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