The Most Important Email I Have Ever Sent

<<< THAT was written by my dad 7 months before he died
of lung cancer

Which was on this day 14 years ago

He was only 65 years old…

I wanted to share this with you because this was
(eventually) my inspiration to get in shape

See I don’t remember a time when my old man was in

He smoked a LOT (started when he was 5 years old in

He drank a fair amount too (but was still a bit of a
lightweight – like me)

He gave up smoking when he was 48 but by then it was
too late

The damage was already done (and he knew it too)

But being the type of fella who liked to keep things to

^^^ Wanted to be STRONG for everyone else so didn’t
like to complain

He didn’t tell anyone how he was feeling…

Instead he ignored what was happening

He wanted to help everyone else rather than helping
himself first

And I think this weighed heavy on his shoulders

He wanted to please everyone else at the sacrifice of
his own happiness

He was a very honourable man which I think is part of
why he died so young

By the time he realised he needed to help HIMSELF first
it was too late…

And as you can see from the poem above (seems he was a
bit more of a romantic than I gave him credit for)

He’d come to peace with the fact that he was going to

But I also like to think he knew he could have tried to
do something about it a long time ago

As I said though… he was very honourable so didn’t
regret any of it

I’ve seen posts on social media about how (when facing
death) everything falls into perspective

The things you thought were important aren’t

The loved ones you have spent so many years trying to
please and help just want YOU to be happy

^^^ But these are all just words if you do nothing
about it now







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