Imagine Carrying 22kg Around With You ALL DAY

How to SHOW you what success FEELS like

One of the STRONG DADS was feeling a bit down last week

Losing motivation

Feeling like they weren’t making progress

So I said … ‘go and get your 16kg kettlebell’

If YOU have one go and get it…

Imagine carrying that around ALL DAY with you

Would be difficult right

So the fact that 5 months ago you were 22kg heavier than now just
goes to show how much easier life is these days

^^^ Motivation returned INSTANTLY

It’s as simple as that…

This is why it’s so hard to get back in shape

Cos you convince yourself it’s too hard

You hit that ‘low’ when it just all seems futile

So you give up and go back to the ‘easy’ way of life (an easy
life doesn’t exist by the way)

The ‘easier’ your life is doesn’t get rid of worry…

^^^ You just find something really petty to worry about (which is
why folk comment so strongly on inane BS on social media)


It’s easy to give up and say you tried

But when you have a TEAM of fellas behind you who WANT you the
get back in shape

Who will be there with you EVERY STEP of the way

Who’ll listen to your excuses and then SHOW you why it’s best for
you to keep going

As you will for them

It almost makes success inevitable

Which is why the STRONG DAD program is so effective

And why it’s exactly what you need right now

If you’re unsure about it

Apply anyway… that way you can talk to me about it and see if
it’s for you

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Check out the picture of the results a couple of the fellas
have had…







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