“But I’m Totally New To Fitness”

Here’s how this all works…

The fitter and stronger you get

The more you NAIL the basics

The easier everything becomes (until it

Let me explain

You start chucking a weight around and it
feels pretty heavy (cos it’s all new to

Then after a few goes it feels easier

You start to ‘get it’

^^^ Which is a GREAT feeling by the way

One that happens to me more regularly than
you think

Cos even though I’ve been doing this a long

I STILL have ‘lightbulb’ moments on an almost
daily basis


See once you ‘get it’

Once it becomes easier

You wonder how you ever thought the weight
you started with felt heavy

Just ask ANY of the guys in BKSIC

^^^ They’re all in the ‘Secret’ group by the

So hit them up and they can tell you how much
STRONGER they are compared to that first day

Which was yesterday if you’re on the swing

Here’s the thing though…

Once it gets TOO easy…

It’s time to progress further

And do it all over again…

Then in a few short months you realise how
rubbish you used to feel

^^^ Without ever realising it…

Now I was gonna throw BKSIC in your face
right now…

But I decided against it…

Mainly because it’s not for beginners…

But if you’re NOT a beginner

Then hit me up and we can see if it’s for you
or not…

But if you are a TOTAL NEWBIE to all this

Which is actually most of us (you just don’t
realise it yet)

Then the swing challenge is STILL OPEN

You get in via this link v v v



p.s. So you can start TODAY






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