I’m Losing All My Strength

^^^ That’s how it felt yesterday

It happens to us all dude

You join a gym and get all excited about how fit and
healthy you’re gonna be

At the start you feel like you are progressing at a
rate of knots

Then after a month things start to get a bit harder

You can run pretty fast but you’re not really getting
any faster

The weights you are lifting aren’t getting any lighter

In fact they feel like they’re getting heavier

^^^ That’s how it feels for me at the moment

See when you want to get stronger you have to take
something into consideration

— You can’t progress at EVRERYTHING all of the time

You have to make some changes to keep you moving

Using myself as an example

I’ve been lifting weights for a good few years (most of
those years were futile)

But the last five have seen me progress a great deal
(from fat weakling to a less fat less weak fella)

Ok I’ll say it … STRONG fella (for me anyway which is
all that matters)


I still have weaknesses

And if I don’t work on those my progress will stop

It’s not like you just go to the gym and add a small
amount of weight every session

If that was the case I would be deadlifting more than
Eddie Hall by now (he did 500kg a couple of years back)

See it’s all about building a Base level of strength

One of my favourite quotes comes from Mark Reifkind
(who I had the pleasure of learning from a couple of
years back)

“The broader the base, the higher the peak”

Now this guy knows what he’s talking about cos he’s
been building his base for 40 odd years

So when someone with that much experience talks I

And it makes perfect sense

If you are chasing a level of fitness or strength that
is beyond what you can do now ou have to be patient

Same goes for weight loss

Cos the faster you get results the faster you fall back
to where you were previously

Like putting all of the weight back on again

Or worse… Blowing out your hip, knee or shoulder from
thinking you are stronger than you are

^^^ Or running too much on poor mobility meaning you
have to give up

These are all things that can have a serious impact on
your future fitness

And I mean SERIOUS

Like surgery type serious (which is something I never
want to go through myself)

And is why when my body tells me I’ve pushed it a bit
too far I go straight back to the foundation and start
building again

That’s how it works here at BKS too

The fellas here are constantly surprised at how much
progress they seem to make each session

They often talk about how a year ago they never thought
they could be this strong

“I remember when I used to really struggle with the
20kg bell”

^^^ That’s what Craig said to me the other night while
he was hoisting a 24kg above his head with ease

Just before he completed 100 snatches (which is ruddy
hard work by the way)

This is a guy who used to suffer from crippling pain

At least once a month he would put his back out (which
was pretty fkn painful)

But not any more

So if you want to build a decent base level of strength

That you can use to keep you progressing into a ripe
old age

Without getting injured

It’s time to stop trying to be He-Man and do it all as
quickly as possible

Take a step back and actually put some thought into it


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p.s. It’s never too late to start building your






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