I’m In A Huff

Ever feel a bit down…

As I write this it’s blowing a gale

The rain is coming in sideways

It’s dark (at 2pm)

And it’s June…

On top of that I’m tired…

And I’m slightly annoyed after just doing a
live video about yesterday’s email subject…

(This is anger I will be working on this week
so it doesn’t trigger me in the future when
it happens again)

So how do you deal with this shit my man?


When the solid hits the air conditioning

As in when you’re


Stressed Out

Lack Energy

Can’t Focus on anything

Start to snap at family

What do you do to manage your situation?

Or do you just ride it our like most fellas

And then buy a bunch of flowers to say sorry

And maybe some sweets for the kids…

I used to be like this all the time…

Apologising for my bad moods

Rather than actually dealing with the same
problems that kept on pissing me off

(Which gets very tiring)

As you already know right

But I Learned a few tricks so I can manage my
reactions to potentially volatile situations

Which saves me tones of mental energy as well
as time sucking up afterwards…

This is one of the reasons I put BKS together

Cos I know there are guys out there just like
you and me

Who wanna get fitter stronger and healthier
but don’t fit in at the gym

Who can’t stand the fakery that goes on in
these places

You just wanna find somewhere you can blow
off some steam right

(With a bunch of fellas who’ll listen)

Cos we all do

We All Get It

Problem is I know you may not be able to make
it to the live sessions

Which leaves you in no mans land (so to

You want to join in but just have to watch

Which is why I created my Online Lard Buster

Just for you

You’ll get all the help and support you need

From me and the fellas

(Via the private members area)

And it only takes 20 mins per day

Find out more here v v v



p.s. If you are in a mood though

And this has pissed you off even more

Then unsubscribe is this way





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