I’m Glad You Asked

How could I NOT show you this…

This sums up the type of support you get by being part of the
STRONG DAD Online Program

gym bath

This was from one of the fellas whom I had a ‘difficult’
conversation with last week

Obviously I can’t go into the details but the conversation
clearly had a positive impact

It shows that the STRONG DAD Online Program is way more than just
a ‘fitness program’

You can get millions of those on google…

I even gave you one for free (fnarrr)

So what’s so special about the STRONG DAD Online Program?

I’m glad you asked…

In my experience of working with hundreds of fellas who are
struggling to get in shape it’s rarely the exercise program
that’s the problem

I’ll even be so bold as to say ALL of my programs work (cos
they’re tried and tested based on age old principles)

The biggest problem is actually the fellas themselves

And you may fall into the same trap

You get results straight away…

You feel stronger

You lose a few pounds…

Then it’s a bank holiday weekend so you go away for a few days
(probably ditch the diet and have a few beers)

You get back and feel like you’ve reversed all of your hard

So you give up…

Or maybe the sun comes out and you ditch your program for a few
beer garden beers…

Then the inevitable dinner out (or take-away cos you can’t be
arsed to cook)

By the time you’ve been through the following weekend you realise
you’ve missed an entire week of working out…

You feel like you’ve reversed all of your hard work

So you give up…

See a pattern there dude

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with missing a few
workouts here and there…

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a few beers in the sun…
and a pack of Mini Cheddars (have you had the Branston Pickle

^^^ In fact I would encourage you take advantage while you can…

But if this becomes more important than getting back in shape
then you’re fighting a losing battle (even though you know you’ll
regret it)

When you are in that moment you pretend you don’t care

You convince yourself that you WILL get back on the wagon

Or maybe Monday…

This is where the STRONG DAD Online Program comes in…

Cos you’ll realise that it’s not just YOU who feels this way

And rather than feeling like you’ve reversed your results you’ll
see that this was a temporary blip…

When you have the support of myself and the other fellas we won’t
let you give up (cos we know what that feels like)…

Read the WhatsApp message above again…

We will walk alongside you and SHOW you what you can do…

==> Apply to be part of the STRONG DAD Online Program



p.s. Tomorrow I’m gonna be SHOWING you why this won;t be as
difficult for you as it has been for some of the hundreds of
fellas I’ve worked with





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