I’m Doing It For The Kids

What you up to at the weekend?

Ferrying the kids around?

Few beers

That about it?

Routine routine routine…

Although probably not so much at the moment
with the ‘summer’ hols right

Thing is though

The stuff you get done

Day In

Day Out

The stuff you do automatically

Isn’t necessarily the stuff you WANT to do

It’s the stuff you MUST do

To earn money

And keep a roof over your head

To keep your kids clothed


To put food on the table

To keep them


But what about YOU

Do you do that for yourself?

Do you set an example for your kids that you
would love them to follow…


Like most fellas out there

Do you work all the hours to give em what you
never had

^^^ Which is what our folks used to do

But then in those days things were a bit

So it was a valid thing to say

Whereas now we live in a disposable society
we have everything we need…

So that argument doesn’t really stand up

In my opinion…

I think the days of making excuses about
being hard done by are long gone…

So working yourself into oblivion doesn’t
really cut it as an excuse to ‘help’ your
kids anymore

Especially when all they really want is to
spend more time with you…

Having fun…

Which is difficult when that means running

^^^ Which is pretty hard to do these days

Since you been working so hard and let
yourself get out of shape…

And don’t have much time to do anything about


Luckily for you I created my Online Lard

So you can no longer make excuses…

It takes 20 mins per day

It takes away all of the ‘Guess Work’

So you can just crack on

Day In

Day Out

And make it part of that routine…

Simple really

And it’s all right here my man v v v

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