I Wasn’t Expecting That

I talk about strong dads a lot

Cos I appreciate that it’s tough to get yourself in
shape while you have kids to look after

What I don’t mention too much is strong mums

But we have a few of those here at BKS too

Like Claire

Here’s a video of her putting 20kg above her head
yesterday morning

==> One Strong Mum

Not bad for a busy Mum of two eh…


This sort of stuff doesn’t just happen by accident

And it didn’t happen overnight either

Claire has put in the work over the last few months

And this is the proof that consistency and commitment

So I have a question

– How committed are you to your health, strength &

Then a sub-question

– Are you prepared to be MORE committed

Especially when you’ve seen the results that the
members of BKS achieve

Ok so it’s not really about how much weight you can
stick over your head

But what you will learn about your body by being a
member of BKS will help you prevent hurting yourself by
hitting the gym with no real purpose

And we get to be outdoors too which is pretty damn good
for wellbeing in general (especially on a nice crisp
cold morning like yesterday)

So if you want to get a little taster of how all of
this works

You can become one of the 5 lucky folk who start next

And try us out for 14 days

It’s pretty simple

Especially when you click the link below

==> CLICK HERE to get stronger



p.s. I’ll show you what Dave did tomorrow




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