I Was Initially Sceptical

I’m gonna let you in on a likkle secret

I’ve had a knackered right shoulder for the last few weeks which
means I can’t press anything above my head

Which is thoroughly frustrating

Cos pressing heavy stuff above your head makes you feel STRONG

I’m VERY careful when I lift stuff (and I rarely get injured)

But no matter how much care and attention you take… these
things happen

Fortunately I have enough experience to know that I just need to
stop lifting heavy stuff over my head

And work on rehabilitating my shoulder

By doing gentle movements that keep it strong without making it

(You may think rest is the best thing when you have stiff joints)

^^^ And sometimes it is

But not ALL the time

If you have stiff shoulders or hips…

Then the stuff I’m gonna show you over the next few weeks is
gonna help with all of that…

It’ll seem really EASY to begin with

^^^ I was initially sceptical as to whether this stuff worked or

But when I started doing it regularly I’ve found that it has tied
my body together tremendously and made me feel even stronger

And it’ll do the same for you (no matter how out of shape you

Just watch your kids when they do it with you… they’ll make it
look easy

You may think this is because they are young … which is true

True in the sense that young kids move more than we do (which is
why they maintain their strength)

Until they discover chairs and video games (and are made to sit
down at school all day)

That’s when they start to lose their ability to move well

As happened with me (and probably you)

Age is not the issue here…

Driving, sitting, and general lethargy are

So get ready to ‘FEEL’ younger…



p.s. It won’t get rid of your grey hair though






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