I Was Exactly Like You

So last weekend I was surrounded by strong

They were everywhere

There were people from all over the world

I witnessed some feats of strength that were
rather astounding

And even managed to be part of the ‘show’

By sticking a 40kg bell over my head

^^^ Which is well over half my bodyweight

But why am I telling you this?


From the outside this could look VERY

But the room was full of folk who were just
there to learn…

Learn how to teach others to be strong

Without killing them in the process

And that’s exactly how we work here at BKS

At first it seems intimidating…

You might be scare that you won’t be able to
keep up

But that’s exactly why we start you from
where you’re at right now

It’s what I did

I wasn’t always strong

I started out swinging a 12kg bell (badly) five
years ago

I had no idea what I was doing

But I knew I wanted to learn more

So I sought out the best in the world

I followed the process

And now I would consider myself super strong

^^^ Beyond anything I ever thought possible

And this is only the beginning

As long as I stay consistent I will keep
getting stronger

Without burning out

And this is what the guys who’ve done the
Online Lard Buster discovered…

While dropping a stone in 6 weeks

Then joining the Inner Circle they’ve continued
to get stronger

And I’m inviting you to join them

Right here

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. Just imagine that in 6 weeks time

When it’s the height of summer

You’ll be able to take your top off without
the risk of being mistaken for a lady…

^^^ With a hairy chest…

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY





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