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I Was A Shell Of A Man

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This used to be VERY hard to talk about

But this is the stuff that shapes our lives

Here goes

Sep 2013 – Made redundant from a job I’d been in for 15 years
(which was kinda my identity at the time)

Oct 2013 – First wedding anniversary (made LOADS of origami
flowers for my wife cos I had plenty of time on me hands)

Jan 2014 – Qualified as a PT and thought it would be plain
sailing from then on (blimey… was I wrong)

Jul 2014 – Started to feel down when I realised how tough it is
to help people get in shape (felt like nobody wanted to listen to

This was around the time I started to push everyone away…

I was distant with my wife

As far as I was concerned all of my friends and family thought
I’d gone mad and was having some sort of break-down (or even the
dreaded mid-life crisis)

The next 2 years saw me battling needlessly against everyone

I’d gone from a steady job earning good money to being a nobody
and found that difficult to deal with

The stress was huge…

In Jan 2015 I set up Bath Kettlebell Society… which at the time
was a society of ONE … ME

It took me 5 months to get my first customer (who is still with
me to this day)

By Dec 2015 BKS was still only 9 fellas strong… But we were

I was seriously thinking of giving up EVERY SINGLE DAY

My marriage was breaking down in front of me and I couldn’t work
out how to fix it

This was when I went to an event that changed my life…

I joined a program called Unstoppable B*stards which is run by
Paul Mort

With Paul as my coach I learned that I had to change… I had to
become mentally strong to deal with the constant doubt about

I no longer had Job security

I no longer had a happy marriage

I was a shell of a man

My self doubt had resulted in me thinking I was ALL ALONE… that
nobody else ever felt this way

Which is of course a load of steaming BS

Cos we all feel like this at some point

And taking on a challenge such as completely changing my life
(especially after my marriage ended) when I was left to deal with
feeling like a complete failure

Was to say the least … daunting

I’d love to tell you that everything worked out brilliantly and
now I dont have a care in the world

But that wouldn’t be true

I still have thoughts that everyone at BKS will leave tomorrow

I constantly think about how I’m gonna make this work into the
future (which is still uncertain)


I don’t let those thoughts paralyse me

I use everything I’ve just told you to PROVE to myself that I am
worthy of living life the way I want to

So if you’re thinking about making some big changes I have a
small suggestion

–> Ask For Help

As you’ve seen you’re NOT the only one who may be thinking about
changing a few things

Some of these may be forced upon you whether you want to change
or not

And you may struggle

But this will make you stronger on the other side

And the next time life throws some sh*t your way (and it will)

You’ll have forged the mental strength to deal with anything




Peter Lant

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