I Thought You Should Know

Been a bumper couple of months here

Everyone who completed the 14 day trials

In May & June

Signed up

Which means the membership is filling up

So I thought I should tell you about the next

Which isn’t until 14 August

There will only be 5 spaces available

So if you want one then now would be a good
time to book your spot

Cos I know you’ve been sorta kinda thinking
about it

But aren’t quite sure

So I thought I should tell you

Just to be fair…

If you miss this one

And everyone signs up again

I may just have to start a waiting list

Cos we’re almost full

(I’m already trying to find ways I can let
more people in)

But for now

August is the only way…

So what’s it to be dude?

IN ?

In which case just go here

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s Or take your chances and wait…

Which may be for a loooooonggg time






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