I Think This Will Help You

If you need a hand with motivation, here’s something that I think
you’ll find helpful

It certainly works for me and the fellas I train

Assuming you want to lose a few pounds while regaining your
mobility and getting super strong in the process I shall answer
these questions on your behalf (but obviously this is just an
example so I may get it wrong)…

1) What do you want?

– To lose 2-3 stone and get fitter & stronger (this is the
easy bit to answer)

2) What will happen as a result of getting #1 ?

– You will be able to play footy with your kids without getting
knackered after 2 minutes

– You’ll be able to carry your kids on your shoulders without
hurting your back

– Seeing yourself in the mirror won’t make you feel bad

– Your clothes will fit again

– You will sleep better so you’re not so tired and cranky all
the time

– You won’t keep turning your wife down for sex as you’ll feel
more confident in yourself and have more energy (and you can
keep the lights on)

– Your kids will see you as a strong dad and someone to aspire
to be

There’s way more than this like reducing your chances of
developing various medical conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart
disease, cancer, altzheimer’s … and a whole host of others

Not to mention the fact that you can expect to lose AT LEAST 5%
muscle mass over the next 10 years if you DON’T get back in shape

AND that exercise will increase your bone density making you
stronger and more resilient

But we won’t go into all of that as I think we’ve pretty much
covered #2


–> (hopefully though you’re starting to see how just giving this
a bit of thought and creating a plan around these results has way
more impact than just losing a few pounds)


3) How would you feel?

I’m gonna leave this one for YOU to answer dude (use the above as
a guide and write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind… you’ll be
surprised how deep this stuff goes)

^^^ Trust me cos I’ve done it (in fact I do it with every goal I

And it works for more than just fitness…

This post took me a few minutes to write (and will take you a
minute to read)

That’s how long it’ll take you to answer these questions (so you
can’t say you haven’t got time)


Then hit me up with what you came up with

I’m truly interested to hear

Just hit reply and tell me … your email will go straight to me








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