I Think I’m Gonna Puke

How much crap is put in front of you and your kids every day

Chocolate Bars


Ice Cream


Fried Chicken

Fizzy Drinks

Pies in a tin

^^^ Name the Cuban leader that’s been in power since the
revolution in 1959…

Little bit of a throwback to the office there for you


Junk food advertising is EVERYWHERE

I would list a load of places but there are just too many

Have a look around you when you’re out and about today… it’s no
wonder we have an obesity crisis on our hands

This is why I write these emails

It’s why I post videos all over social media

Cos advertising to help people with their weight problems is
REALLY hard to do

When I get sh*t from unsubscribes to these emails it concerns me

I get that it may not be for you … and that’s cool

But when people tell me I’m talking bollocks I can’t help but
wonder WHY they actually think that

Cos I have PROVEN results for myself and pretty much everyone
I’ve ever worked with

8 stone weight loss is the current record

Working with a heart attach-survivor

Someone who’s had a stroke (and a young fella at that)

I’ve worked with a fella in his 40s who had chronic knee and back
pain his whole life (and doesn’t now)

There’s a bloke who had neck pain that stopped him from training
(but now he trains every week with BKS pain free)

I’m currently working with a lady who’s lost 3 stone and gained a
TON of confidence

BKS’ oldest member is 61… and he manages to keep up with the
other fellas no problem

There’s a busy Mum who has to juggle family life with looking
after relatives but STILL manages to fit time in for herself
(Which is essential for staying sane)

^^^ These are just a few examples of the types of people I’ve
worked with over the years

They all sound different but there’s a common goal

– They ALL wanted to be stronger

– They ALL wanted to move better

– They ALL want to make sure they live longer

And they ALL love how the wider BKS community makes them feel

When you know you have a bunch of people on your side… who will
support you no matter what then it makes getting in shape a LOT

It certainly keeps me going… without these guys I would be
stacking shelves or summink

Which is why I appreciate them all for helping me make BKS the
place it is today

The place that takes busy fellas from being ‘Part-time’ injury
prone exercisers and turns them into PowerHouses

So if you’re tired of being bombarded with temptation at every

If you can’t help yourself from making poor choices when it comes
to food (all in the name of saving a few minutes here and there)

Then the STRONG DAD Online Program is for you

With the help of me and the fellas who’re already here you will
have the support you need to get back in shape (while becoming
mentally tough enough to succeed when life throws a decent amount
of sh*t your way)

^^^ One of the main reasons fellas tell me they keep giving up is
because they struggle to cope with the demands on their time from
work and family

But the fellas I work with don’t have that problem (anymore)

That’s NOT a coincidence

If you want to be like them then it’s as simple as clicking the
link below and applying

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Bit long this one…

But I was on a role 🙂






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