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I Saw A Ghost

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Went to see Ghost In The Shell last week

Scarlett Johansson


Thing is though

It’s a bit of a rubbish film…

As was Lucy

The last film I went to see with her in…

Still sat through it though…

Easy on the eye she is…

Kinda like those trainers who’re all 6 pack

White teeth…

Chiseled features…

They look the part

But that doesn’t mean they know how to train
the ‘normal’ fella

The fella like you who’s not really
interested in being ripped

Cos that seems a Loooong way off from where
you’re at right now…

Which is why I start you from the very

Cos I was you…

I worked long hours sat behind a desk all day

Ate crap for lunch cos I only had 5 minutes

Kept on promising to get myself in shape but
always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t
find the time

I was the King of Lethargy

Until it got the better of me mentally

It got me down

Made me feel worthless

I’d sweat buckets when it was 14 degrees

^^^ Not a good look that dude

Or smell I can tell you

Ever noticed when that happens…

You get all self conscious about it and sweat
more (nice)


I did something about it…

Best thing I EVER did

And that’s what the guys on the online
program are saying too

Cos it’s the same program I used to get
myself in shape

So I KNOW it works…

Lose up to a stone in the next 6 weeks

Cos it’s getting warmer

And you don’t want to be a sweaty mess like I

Trust me

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p.s. Any questions just hit me up

I’m here to help



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Peter Lant

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