I Need A New Goal

^^^ That’s what one of the STRONG DADs said to me last week

Just before putting this message into the group

strong dad


Now this is an outstanding result already but this person has another couple of stone to lose before the original goal is met…

And that’s why a lot of us fail … especially when weight loss is the goal…

You’ve probably tried it before…

You set a weight loss target then when you get half way you feel that it’s going really well… so you can start to ‘relax’ a bit

Then you get into the heavy relaxing and suddenly you’ve gained a stone back… how the hell did that happen

So here’s the advice I gave

” Before you set a new goal I think you should reach the original one first “

^^^ I think you’ll agree that this is sound advice

I speak to tons of fellas on a daily basis about how they’ve tried and failed a number of times…

So it must be different for them… When all you need to do is get to the finish line (and THAT’S when you can set the next goal)

Cos if you lose your focus on the original outcome you become confused as to what you want…

Which is why the outcome of this goal IS NOT the weight loss but the fact that this person will feel great on their beach holiday in the summer …

When you attach a MEANING to your goal then it makes it easier to reach

Like the fella in yesterday’s email who needed to lose weight so he decreases his chance of having another heart-attack…

^^^ And that’s still not easy…

Which is why I want to help you get there…

It’s much easier when you have a team of fellas with you who all get EXACTLY what you’re going through…

Cos they’ve been there… (as little as 3 months ago)

It’s fine having your wife and kids to support you… but do they ACTUALLY know how you feel inside?

Have you even told them?… probably not cos you don’t want to appear weak … you’re the Dad right… and Dads are supposed to be STRONG

Which is why having a place to talk about all of this stuff… offloading so you don’t have to bottle all of this up any more making you even more stressed

Talking to a bunch of fellas who won’t judge you for feeling a little bit insecure (cos we all are)

^^^ One of the rules on the STRONG DAD program is no BS by the way… if you come out with a bunch of stories as to why you CAN’T get in shape then we will help you CRUSH those false beliefs (which you already know deep down are holding you back)

We’ve all done it dude… so why can’t you?

Seriously … tell me and I’ll help you

Or… if you’re ready to stop believing your own BS and finally get what you want

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. If you’re happy as you are… then that’s cool

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