I Nearly Quit

It was 2am

I’d just reached the bottom of the mountain

After already climbing up TWO

And I was staring straight up Jacob’s Ladder

This was the last incline of the Fandance

And it’s steep as a Ma’fker I can tell you

I’d already been going for 4 hours

I was tired


Unsure of whether I’d be able to finish…

So instead of looking at the light at the top
to guide me (cos it was pitch black)

I just stared at the ground in front of me
and concentrated on putting one foot in front
of the other

I had no idea how far I was up…

Didn’t know how many steps were left

All I knew was one more

one more…

Then I was there…

I’d reached the top…

And the rest was just a formality…

It was all downhill from here…

See when you focus on something that seems
sooooo far off

That appears to be unachievable compared to
where you’re at right now…

You’re gonna wanna quit dude

I know I did

That’s exactly why my online program starts
you from the very beginning

And teaches you step by step how to get




By focusing on what you need to do TODAY…

Each day

You can look back at any time to see how far
you’ve come

(By using the tracking book to record your

While knowing that the end result will happen

(if you just follow the process)

I’ve made it as simple as possible for you my

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