I Nearly Gave Up On You

This made me smile

Gave me the ‘feels’ so to speak

See last week I felt dreadful

I had the flu and it wasn’t taking any prisoners
(whatever that means)

It felt as if ALL of the hard work I’ve put in over the
years was about to come crashing down around me

I felt weak

I struggled to get out of bed

I just wanted to give up on everything… seriously

I almost ditched BKS totally cos I felt so rough

But I just told myself that this was only temporary

And something Claire said to me yesterday morning just
made this all make a load more sense

Cos she was feeling the same

You very well may be too… it is the first proper week
of January after all which is ALWAYS a tough week

So when Claire told me that she’d looked back through
the posts on the BKS Farcebook page

And focused on how far she’s come in the last 6 months

Rather than focusing on how demotivated she felt RIGHT

It made her feel loads better

And all of this while she was in the middle of a
session doing way more than she could only a couple of
months ago…

It’s easy to focus on the negative

This is what makes it so easy to give up on stuff when
it gets hard

Cos then you can use the excuse that it’s just not for
you (even though you know it feels good when everything
is going well)

And that’s the difference between those who succeed in
getting fiter stronger and healthier

And the person I used to be

The person who you may be right now

The one who says everything is ok as it is

It’s not worth all of that effort to feel better when I
can just settle as I am

^^^ I thought that for YEARS

But it ALWAYS made me feel worse

Like I was destined to fail (cos I was too lazy to
stick to anything)

But once I made that shift in my mind

The shift to focusing on how far I’d come rather than
how far I had to go

Everything became much easier

It all made sense

All I had to do was follow the plan and the rest would
happen automatically

And when there are bumps along the way

Just stick with it and plough on through

Cos power lies on the other side

And a sense of achievement that will outweigh the
feeling of guilt from giving up

So where do YOU start

Well my 6 Week Online Lard Buster might be just the

Paul Goodison jumped on it yesterday (after completing
the 5 Day Fat Funeral)

So if you want to join him starting next Monday

You just click the link below (where I’ll tell you more
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p.s. Or you can just give up now (9 days into the new

Your choice







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