I Made This For You

What’s the most convenient thing you could think of to
help you on your quest

Something that you can carry with you wherever you go
So you can keep track of how you’re doing (even when
you don’t have WiFi)

^^^ Which makes some people get the shakes

Something that shows you EXACTLY what to do to get in

That is personalised to YOUR current fitness level

And been put together precisely for YOU and no-one else

Imagine if you had an app that would do all of this

As well as help you develop a better relationship with

Without having to give up your favourites



Luckily for you your Uncle Peter has only gone and got
you a present…

YOUR own personal app…


And everything in there will be designed just for you

You can even talk to me through it

^^^ Double Wowsers

That’s some pretty cool stuff that will make sure you
get back in shape

To burn off the belly fat

While getting you as strong as hell

Sounds too good to be true I know

But check out the pic a in the p.s.

Cos that could be yours

All you have to do is be on the S T R O N G -> Dad
Online Program

Which is as simple as applying via the link below

==> Apply for your own personal App to make you a
S T R O N G -> Dad


p.s. See what I mean

Wowsers (x3)

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