I Know What You Did

It’s HOT


It’s Hot & Wet

Which is nice when you’re with a lady

But not when you’re on the jungle

^^^ Name the fillum…

I Get It Dude

It’s been a damn hot week

And the last thing you want to do is exercise

Especially when you’re sweating your tits off
just sitting there

Trying not to sweat

Which just makes you paranoid about how much
you do sweat

Therefore making you sweat even more

Some might say


^^^ Not nice I know (cos I used to get that

See that’s why I’m the perfect guy to help

Cos I’ve been there…

I know what it feels like

I also know that last weekend you went to one
of the following

A Beer Garden


A Park with a few cans and or bottles

Or even all of the above…

And you’ll probably do something similar this

Meaning you’ll feel knackered on Monday

Which is why I design my sessions around how
YOU feel…

I’m not gonna smash you to pieces when you
feel like shit…

Making sure you regret ever having a beer

Getting you so knackered that you throw up in
a bucket

Kinda like rubbing your dog’s nose in it when
he pisses on the carpet

(^^^ I don’t have a dog by the way but I know
that’s not the done thing anymore)

I won’t do that cos it won’t help…

What I will do though

Is keep you progressing

Make sure you get stronger



So when you do fall off the waggon you don’t
have to feel so guilty about it

Which is EXACTLY how I designed my Online
Lard Buster

To fit around YOUR lifestyle

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p.s. It’s also why I make the BKSIC monthly
program fit in with this stuff too…

Cos I do it myself

So I know how you feel

I’ll tell you more about this later today…

Just in case you wanna hop on board…





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