I Have Your Information

Ok so in the interest of transparency I thought I let you know…

Cos after this Farcebook scandal malarkey I thought it only fair
to let you know what data I have on you…

Here goes…

–> I have your email address … THAT’S IT and considering that
you’re reading this then it’s probably not that much of a shock to you…

If it IS a shock then think back… You will have given it to me at
some point in the past (probably to download my 101 Swing
Workouts Book)

There is no other way that I can have it… and there is also no
other information I have…

Unless you’re a paying customer of mine that is?

I think this Farcebook scandal is quite funny (and scary at the
same time)…

And I mean scary in the fact that people are ready and willing to
give up information without even realising it

I mean the amount of people who are happy to post their first
pet’s name and what they just ate to get their burlesque name

Or their mother’s maiden name and what colour shirt they have on
to get their super hero name or whatever…


^^^ These are probably the answers to security questions for your
online accounts

Yep… if you’ve ever commented on one of these things then
you’ve probably given up more than you thought…

Which is why I’m telling you that I ONLY have your email address
(and I will never sell it to anyone cos that’s just not cricket)

If you’re not happy with receiving these emails then that’s cool

You can unsubscribe at the bottom and you’ll never hear from me

Unless of course you happen to approach me after that when you
realise I can help you get back in shape…

In which case that’s cool too… I stopped holding grudges years
back when I realised how time and energy consuming all that


Just thought I’d let you know cos I don’t want you to feel like
I’m stalking you or summink…



p.s. Places are still available on the STRONG DAD Online

Had a few applications through over the weekend… a few looked
good but there were a couple who just wouldn’t fit in (there’s
some self discipline needed and not everyone is ready for that
yet unfortunately)

If you ARE ready though then fill in the application below and
I’ll do my best to help you

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