“I Have Lost 5 Inches From My Hips”

I’m gonna let Jill do all the talking v v v


“When I started the ‘Stronger Dads’ programme, I was up for the
challenge. I was ready to make changes and I knew what I wanted
to achieve.

I am female, so clearly not a Dad… but don’t let your gender put
you off because it doesn’t matter. I have had so much support
from the other Dads, they have become true friends and are now
part of my support network.

The aim was to do a session 3-5 days a week for 3 months. I
didn’t hit this every week, but mostly I did and it wasn’t too
difficult. It took commitment and on occasions massive willpower
and focus, but the support provided made it all possible.

I have done ‘programmes’ before. I have tried to get fit before.
I have had personal trainers before. This was different. I have
never been so determined or found the right person to help me.

There is a saying, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will
appear’. I was nearly ready towards the end of 2017, which is
when I was introduced to Peter Lant. My brother had already had
great success with him, in fact he told me he was fitter than he
had been for 20 years. I was going through a lot of personal
stuff and the time was right for me.

I committed to making changes, as a New Year Resolution on
January 1st 2018. Risky I know, but it paid off for me. I
prepared to start the programme at the beginning of February and
was already eating sensibly and walking twice a day by that time.
This was massive for me as I had previously lived my life as a
very overweight, food obsessed, completely miserable, stressed
out, couch potato.

3 months later, I am 3½ stone lighter. I walk between 8,000 and
11,000 steps every day. I have lost 5½ inches from my hips and my
waist. I feel strong. I feel fitter than I have ever been. I am
constantly smiling, happy with life and far from miserable. Don’t
get me wrong, I have my moments, I am only human, but they are
few and far between.

I haven’t really dieted, but I have changed my eating habits
considerably. I changed my portion sizes and just try to to be
sensible. If I’m honest, because I changed my lifestyle
completely, I didn’t feel miserable, I just didn’t need to eat
all the comfort food I had been eating.

So, what can I say about the man himself? Peter Lant is, in my
opinion, a truly awesome individual, what more do you need to

This is a man who gets in your head, in the best and most helpful
way possible. He has been where you are and this gives him a
truly unique insight. This is an exercise programme, yes. But
that isn’t what it’s really about.

For me, it is more about mental strength. The mental strength is
what gets you through. The mental strength is what helps you keep

The mental strength is what I need to achieve my goal… to be the
best me I can be in 2018, and I am well on the way to achieving

I couldn’t have done it without Peter, and, I wouldn’t have
wanted to either. I would have given up long ago without his
constant, unfaltering help and support.

If you want to make a positive difference in every area of your
life, this could be the programme for you. I recommend you give
it a try. I recommend you make the commitment to becoming the best
you, you can possibly be… “




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