I Have An Incurable Disease

It’s like a giant rice krispie

Right in the corner

Of my mouth

It’s like I’m growing another head

And it’s for life

Yep it’s the dreaded


^^^ Had it for as long as I can remember

Coldsores on the mouth

Used to get em really badly up until a few
years back…

Usually when I was stressed about something

Or run down

Or both

See when you’re tired and stressed all the
time you leave yourself open to attack

From all angles

Your body’s defences are lowered and you’re
more susceptible to getting ill

When a lot of the time

All you need to do is slow down and have a
good night’s kip…

But when I started to ‘look after myself’

Getting fitter stronger and healthier

Making me more alert and focused

So I wasn’t so stressed all the time

And actually started to get a good night’s

Things changed

I stopped getting ill so much

And as for my incurable condition…

I can’t remember the last time I had a

Or was actually ill to the point of not being
able to function

^^^ Which used to happen a lot (mainly due to
the amount of booze I drank)

See getting fitter stronger and healthier is
more than just a ‘workout’

It isn’t about getting ‘shredded’

It’s about getting your life back

Being able to plan stuff that you keep
putting off

^^^ Cos you’re always knackered

Which is exactly what most programs will do
for you

Make you starve yourself and exercise until
you puke in a bucket

Making things worse

Leaving you weaker (but thinner) rather than
stronger and feeling like a warrior

Which is why my

6 week online lard buster

is designed to GIVE you energy

So you FEEL more alert

While eating your favourite foods

Without guilt

So you got a choice dude

Hit this link and get in the best shape of
your life v v v



p.s. OR… Keep making excuses and blaming
your body for letting you down





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