I Hate My Job

In a previous life I worked for a huge corporate utility

I used to get sent on courses that I wasn’t bothered about

Courses that the company I worked for would ‘suggest’ I attended

They never MADE me go but it would have obviously looked bad if I
showed zero interest

I even went to Ashridge Business School to be taught how to be an
effective manager in a big corporation (which I NEVER wanted to

I did learn some stuff while I was there but it was all geared
towards pretty much dealing with the politics of big business

^^^ Which isn’t really my bag as you may have gleaned from these
emails (unless it’s MY business)

And that interests me hugely

Especially as I’m now doing what I LOVE to do

I had a chat with one of the fellas here at BKS who sometimes
lectures on Entrepreneurship at Bath Uni

He tells the students that if they’re NOT passionate about the
thing they are setting up in business doing… then they might as
well stop now and go and find something else to do

I added to that…

If your passion for what you’re doing doesn’t grow with your
business then you’re gonna end up stuck doing something you hate

^^^ Same goes for you job

And the same goes for whatever you choose to do to get in shape

If you hate running but decide that it’s the cheapest and easiest
way for you to lose a few pounds then guess what

It won’t work long term… at some point you’ll get sick of it

Which is when you’re stuck… cos you’ve invested a lot of time
into getting fitter and don’t want it to fritter away

^^^ I ran for about 6 years by the way… and hated every minute
of it

See investment isn’t just about money

You’re gonna have to invest some time into getting in shape

But you don’t have much time though do you… you certainly don’t
have time to go out running for hours on end

Cos when you run… the only way to get better is to go for
longer runs… yawn

But when you find something you LOVE doing you MAKE time

So back to these courses I used to get sent on

The company obviously paid for these

But now I have to invest my own money to learn more about how I
can help you

The difference now is that I look forward to learning more… I
can’t get enough of it

I invest money every year in improving myself as a coach

I spend weekends away learning while my friends are having fun

All so I can help more fellas like you

Cos it’s YOU that matters in all of this

The fitter, stronger and healthier I can get you to be the more
passion it feeds me to learn more

^^^ And the more YOU get excited about what’s gonna happen next

Which is why the STRONG DAD Online Program was designed to help
you get passionate about getting in shape

It’s designed to make exercise part of your life (without taking
it over)

The nutrition part will help you lose weight without having to
cut out your favourite foods

Or beer

We will also work on your willpower so you dont use it all up in
the first couple of weeks (which is when most people give up)

Sounds too good to be true right

Which is why I offer a money back guarantee

You don’t get the results you want

I refund you EVERY penny

There’s no reason NOT to apply

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Hadrian didn’t half build a long wall….





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