I Had A Massive head

Believe it or not…

Yesterday’s video wasn’t far from the truth

I actually used to do timed workouts to get as sweaty as possible
and lose weight

And guess what…

They worked…

A little too well

I got down to 9 1/2 stone… seriously … my head looked

I was far too skinny

Which is why weight loss goals don’t really work (in my opinion)

There was also another glaring error in what I was doing…

I wasn’t getting ANY stronger (which was the whole reason behind
why I was doing it)

I was weak. as. piss

^^^ Now this is fine if you do actually just want to lose weight
and slip into a pair of skinny jeans

(but beware when it gets windy cos you might get blown off… and
not in a good way)

Most of the fellas I speak too have tried something along these
lines to get stronger (but NEVER been able to stick to it)

Can YOU figure out the reason why?

It’s because you SMASH yourself to oblivion EVERY session leaving
you feeling permanently knackered

The more you do the more you need to do…

So you struggle to work out if you’re actually making progress or

^^^ If you’re losing weight RAPIDLY then that must be progress

(Progress at the expense of ENERGY and STRENGTH)

To the point of BURNOUT when you struggle to believe that ANYONE
can keep getting fitter and stronger for life without killing
themselves in the process

But it can be done dude

The ‘secret’ to building SUPER strength without burning out is
actually REALLY simple…

And I’m gonna show you over the next few weeks

You’ll be able to get the kids involved too

The first email in this series will be on Saturday

You’ll see for yourself how SIMPLE the exercises are

(But that doesn’t mean easy)

You don’t need ANY equipment

And you’ll realise how much you can actually do with your own
bodyweight and a bit of imagination…



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