I Got Your Message

Got a few messages just before Christmas

“I will start in the new year”

^^^ Pretty much what all of them said

So what happened

Well precisely NONE of these folk did anything

Which is why I’m gonna give you a little nudge

Cos you probably did the same last year

I used to do it

I would plan to get fitter and be healthier

This was back in the day when I thought the rowing
machine would be the thing that would give me strength
and fitness (as well as helping me lose the 3 stone I
wanted to)

I even set the goal of rowing a million metres in a

And guess what

I did it (and it was hugely boring)

And guess what

I lost weight

But guess what happened when I stopped

Yep… you got it

I put it all back on again and was right back to square

See we all do it

You decide to do something about your fitness (cos
you’ve been meaning to for the last 10 years)

You plan it all out

Then one of two things happen

1) – You convince yourself that everything is ok as it
is (until summer or next year when you decide it isn’t

2) – You actually go through with it and get the result

But then you stop – thinking you’re done and that’s it

You can go back to your old habits cos you succeeded

Kinda like an alcoholic celebrating another year of
sobriety by going out and getting trollied

And before you know it you’ve put all the weight back
on again (like I did countless times)

So I’m here to offer you a PERMANENT solution

A program that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in
the gym

Workouts you can do at home in your own time so you
don’t have to rely on turning up anywhere on time

^^^ Which is probably why you give up in the first

Cos you’re too busy to just drop everything at 5pm to
get to that fitness class

Well my S T R O N G -> Dad program means you don’t have
to worry about that

You can even miss days when you’re super busy

And catch up later in the week or at the weekend…

It’s flexible to fit around YOUR lifestyle

You’ll also get to track your own results via my app so
you know exactly how you are progressing

^^^ Which I will be able to see too … to make sure you
don’t give up

There’s also a members area on the BKS website

As well as an online community where the other fellas
on the S T R O N G -> Dad program will be

All of whom are here because they felt exactly the same
as you do now




Did I mention tired…

But not too tired to lift a finger I hope…

Just one finger in order to type a few things into the
S T R O N G -> Dad application form

And become one of the ten fellas who FINALLY gets back
in shape and doesn’t give up at the end

==> CLICK HERE to apply for the S T R O N G -> dad


p.s. And tomorrow I’ll tell you why this program will
get you waaaaay better results than your gym membership

While actually costing you less






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