I Got You A Present

You done all your Christmas shopping yet

Spending all of that hard earned on money on shite for
your loved ones that they’ll give to the charity shop
in the new year

^^^ or even worse chuck it in the bin

It happens

Which is why I like to get people things to do

Things they can look forward to

^^^ And it saves time on wrapping (which I’m rubbish at
by the way)

My presents always used to look like they’d been put
together in a fish and chip shop


With that in mind I’ve got you something very special

It’s something YOU CAN DO

And it’ll be EXACTLY what you want (the rarest of

So keep an eye out on Christmas day my friend…

Cos my mate Santa is gonna be dropping something very
special down your chimney

^^^ And that’s not a euphemism


p.s. Ok it will be in your inbox

Cos Santa has moved with the times

And there’s now WiFi in the North Pole 😉




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