“I Find You Very Rude”

^^^ That’s what someone told me on Sunday

It was a comment from a fella who

Clearly he was offended by all of this FREE
help I’m dishing out

Stuff that works by the way

Which you can see in this snippet from an
email I received on the same day

“Since joining at the September swing
challenge I’ve got rid of 1 stone 9lbs, my
attitude towards meals (food in general) and
exercise has significantly improved.  I’m now
in training for the Bath half 2018 “

So… erm … yer


So why is it different for YOU?


It isn’t

You probably just have more excuses than most
(if you find that rude of me to say then you
know where the unsubscribe link is right)

— You don’t have enough time

— You have a family to look after

— You work long hours

— You’re not into fitness

Well the fella who sent me that email thought
the same too

Until he joined the swing challenge I ran in

And… well… You’ve read what his results
have been

So what’s stopping you dude?


I’m doing my hardest to help you out here

You’re here for a reason

At some point you wanted to get fitter and

You were READY

So what made you convince yourself that you

^^^ Cos I know that’s what happened

(and so do you if you’re truthful with

So yer…

If you consider me trying to help you


as rude…

Then fine

But if you truly want to get back in shape

With PROVEN methods that I’ve used to help
hundreds of fellas just like you

Then all you gotta do is hit this link below



p.s.  I truly want to help you out here

But if that offends you for some reason

Then the unsubscribe link is this way



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