I Feel Sorry For You

Poor You…

Poor Poor YOU…

Not you you…

Not THIS you

But that other you

You know

The you that you put so much pressure on

Yep that one

The YOU 3 months from now

The YOU who has to be in shape by the time you go on holiday

The YOU that has to make sure they stick to the plan

Not the YOU who exists NOW who can do whatever you like cos it’s
all up to the 3 months from now YOU to deal with it

Poor bugger

^^^ No not you

That other YOU

I feel sorry for that other you

So much pressure just because you couldn’t be bothered to help
you out



p.s. If you actually do want to help 3 months from now YOU out

You… as in you now…

You could apply to be a STRONG DAD

This way that other you will be eternally grateful and may even
go easy on the 6 months from now YOU (I feel REALLY sorry for that
poor bugger)

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD to help YOU out






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