“I Feel Like I’m 100”

I got a message after yesterday’s email

It was from someone who gets pain in their back and is only 30
years of age

At this age it’s got to be pretty frustrating to be laid up for
days at a time in pain…

So this person went to the docs who told them to rest and take


That will solve precisely NOTHING and mask the REAL problem

Now I don’t have anything against doctors but they have limited
time to see you so at first they will try to find a quick remedy
for you

If you tell them you’ve been exercising and it hurts then they’re
gonna tell you to stop…

Just like the Tommy Cooper joke (you know the one)… :o)

And while this will stop the pain… it won’t help you have a
good quality of life

Cos whatever caused the problem in the first place will just
floor you again when you start back at your exercise program

Chances are you’ve got some sort of weakness or imbalance
somewhere that’s causing the problem and is probably quite an
easy fix to a trained eye…

^^^ Which is why I don’t dish out loads of exercise programs
here… cos a lot of people will just get hurt and then blame me

It’s also why I do what I do… Cos I’ve been in the same

And it’s waaaay more than a physical problem… it gets you
mentally too…

You’re constantly frustrated

You FEEL old

You wonder if this will EVER get any better (or just continue to
get worse)

So you google your symptoms and diagnose yourself…

Then after another couple of clicks you decide you’ve only got
weeks to live

Or is that just me…

I guess what I’m trying to get across in my own stooopid way is
that if you ARE having problems with hip, knee, ankle, lower
back, neck…

Or any other pain

That LACK of exercise may well be the problem…

The amount of people I’ve worked with who have lower back pain so
avoid ANYTHING that may twinge that area and decide enough is
enough and they need to get strong

Within a couple of weeks on the BKS 14 Day Zero To Hero Trial
they’re swinging around a kettlebell and feeling like their back
is getting stronger

That’s sometimes all it takes…

Obviously this isn’t true for everyone but I reckon most folks
movement problems come from the fact that they sit at a desk for
8 or more hours a day staring at a screen

Then hit the gym and do as much as they can in 20 mins before
jumping in the car and heading home to lie on the sofa and rest
their knackered back…

If that’s you then I can help you

Just hit the link below and get on the 14 day Zero To Hero Trial




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