I Eat Well But Still Can’t Get In Shape

“You must have hollow legs”

^^^ That’s been said to me many a time

Cos I appear to eat as much as I like and still stay in

(I’m not trying to p*ss you off here by the way… it’s
taken me years to be able to get to this point)

And I’m gonna tell you how I make it work

See I eat HUGE meals… I mean MASSIVE

You can’t see the plate

And NO it’s not just a plate of spinach

It’s Bacon, Black Pudding, Eggs, Sausages, Yoghurt,
Nuts, Fish, Pancakes Smothered In Honey, Cheese,
Butter, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes

And cheesecake

Oh man I just LOOOOOOOOOVE the Cheesecake

So by now you’re probably thinking that this is all
fine for me

Cos I just smash a massive workout to burn it all


Yes I workout 5 days a week… but each session only
lasts about 30 mins MAX

I just make sure I do what’s necessary and nothing more
(unless I have the time)

But back to food…

Cos I’m willing to bet me bollocks that you struggle to
understand why you can’t lose weight when you ‘Eat

So here’s what I do…

I eat two BIG meals per day (and a substantial snack if
I need one)

That’s it

I do this EVERY DAY

I don’t eat breakfast and have a huge ‘Brunch’ at
around 11am

^^^ That’s 2 meals taken care of right there and it
stops me from having the ‘mid-morning low’

If I get hungry in the afternoon I have yoghurt, nuts
and berries with a dollop of honey to satisfy a sweet

Then in the evening I have some lean meat or fish with
a ton of colourful vegetables (and some rice or

^^^ That happens around 8pm

So then I have 15 hours until my next meal

This is what some call ‘Intermittent Fasting’

I just do it cos it fits my lifestyle

And before you start telling me that you work in an
office and it’s impossible for you to do this

That you’ll be constantly hungry

I’m not suggesting you do it at all

I’m just saying it works for me… and if you want to
give it a go for a couple of days/weeks

Then feel free

And tell me if it worked or not


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p.s. Did I mention I love cheesecake




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