I Eat Too Much

I’m rubbish with food

^^^ That’s not a quote by the way… and if it was it would be
one of mine…

Cos I am

I’m not good at eating a small amount

I love to stack my plate and get as much flavour on there as

So how is it possible to manage this gluttony and still keep in

Now you might think that I have some sort of ridiculously fast

Or that I workout 10 hours a day 7 days a week

But that’s not true…

If I slip a bit I end up with love handles and moobs

I’m no different to anyone else out there

In fact I probably have more in common with you than most other
trainers out there

Cos I’ve had a demanding desk job that required me to go out and
socialise (a LOT)

Which makes getting in shape even harder

And I’ve found that most fellas really struggle with what to do
about nutrition

Yes you want to be able to have a few beers and eat pizza

and curry

and chips

Along with all of the other stuff that goes along with living a
normal life

But how do you incorporate this into getting healthier…

It can be done dude

And I show you exactly how in this video



p.s. The nutrition system comes as part of my STRONG DAD Online

Which you can apply for by CLICKING HERE





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