I Drank Most Days

I imagine you’ll identify with this…

See I used to have a REAL job (like one in an office and

I’d drag myself out of bed at 6.15am and stand hunched over in
the shower

Then I’d pull on some clothes… get in the car and drive the 40
mins to work along the M4 corridor to sunny Swindon

(If I left any later than 6.50am then the traffic was a

Once I was sat at my desk (by 7.35ish) that was it

I spent the rest of the day reacting to what was CONSTANTLY going
on around me… there was no let up

This was a noisy open plan office with ZERO space to work without

Seriously… I used to go and sit in one of the cubicles in the
bogs just to get some space to myself

I’d work until around 6pm and then make my way home (in the ever
increasing traffic)

Home around 7pm (KNACKERED)



And then do it all again

5 Days A Week

For 15 Long Years………..

The toll this had on me was pretty drastic

I was CONSTANTLY tired and irritable

I drank most days


Ate rubbish food cos I was too tired to make myself anything
decent most of the time

It wasn’t until I stopped that I realised how much of an effect
this had on my life (and ultimately my marriage)

I was totally out of shape and a bit of a mess…

This is why I want to help fellas in the same situation as I was

You get to a certain point and wonder what’s next

Old Age???

It wasn’t until I invested my time and money into ME that I
realised how mundane everything had become

Which is why I keep asking YOU to invest some time in YOURSELF
before you get to the same point (if you haven’t already)

Now I get that this may sound a bit melodramatic

EVERYONE feels like this at some point but I’ll wager that there
are a lot of fellas out there who aren’t prepared to do something
about it

Cos that takes balls… and most of us can’t be bothered

Most fellas are happy to just hide away and keep plodding along

Sedating with booze to take the edge off

And if you are like most fellas

If you’re happy to just stay as you are…

Hide away and do nothing

Then it’s probably best to unsubscribe at the bottom of this

Because if you want to work with me you have to be prepared to
make some positive changes (that won’t be easy)

But will be DAMN effective

The fellas on the STRONG DAD Online program are going through
these changes RIGHT NOW

So I want you to just have a serious think about this

Cos it took me a while to make this realisation (I hid from it
for a long time but it ALWAYS cropped up)

And I don’t want you to feel how I felt back then

Especially when everything crumbled around me…

^^^ Which I’ll tell you about later this week

But for now

If you want to make a positive change I have an invitation coming
your way tomorrow

So again

PLEASE consider what I’ve said here as it’s hugely important that
we talk about this stuff



p.s. I get it if you think I’m full of BS

And that’s fine… truly…

I don’t want to waste any more of your time

So unsubscribe is this way





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